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SUP Yoga योग 

Stand Up Paddleboarding continues to evolve as people find new ways of how to use their boards and paddles. The newest trend invading the SUP industry is Yoga on a paddleboard. The stability required for the practice of yoga and tranquility added by being on your paddleboard give you the opportunity to enjoy this combination in a beautiful, natural setting.

Replace the yoga studio with nature's and enjoy the relaxing energy and delicate balance on the water. The board is essentially your floating yoga mat, where your body will find its natural alignment. Stand Up Paddle Yoga in the water allows you to better control your breathing, perform the movements more accurately, and at the same time gain a profound experience physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga on the water is excellent exercise that not only strengthens and lengthens the body, it also clears the mind and relieves stress. Many yoga poses can be done on the board on the water.

Before you begin any Yoga practice, you should always consult your physician.

The sessions are led by SUP and Yoga certified instructors. Depending on the weather, sessions are held at the Obidos Lagoon.


Approximate duration: 2 hours

Suitable for all with yoga practice capacity


The Expedition includes:

All equipment - SUP board,paddle, leash

Liability insurance and personal accident

SUP Yoga
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